Obbligato planters and furniture for a modern lifestyle.  

Contemporary planters, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle.

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Orchard B013 timber bench

It is important to keep the wood nourished. The timber is usually supplied oiled (unless a varnish / painted finish is specified) and will need oiling from time to time depending on the extremity of the environment the product is used in.
None of the timber benches can be used in wet rooms/showers. All timber used in the manufacture of our products contain a degree of moisture (although kiln dried) and, depending on the environment in which they are used, may expand or contract depending on the dryness of the location. This is natural and to be expected when working with natural products.

Obbligato furniture / seating  
B008 - SOHO Benches

The Orchard bench, manufactured of Iroko timber and stainless steel, is ideal for interior use in domestic, commercial and corporate spaces. The simple, sturdy design and stylish stainless steel legs complete the minimal silhoette.

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Orchard bench
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