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New products
Product care + info

All obbligato products are made to order with a manufacturing time of 4 to 6 weeks depending on material availability.
The following information is supplied to assist you with making an informed decision about which items will suit your needs.


Something to think about - if your vehicle is left outdoors and never washed, letting corrosive elements settle on the surface for an indefinite period of time, you will not be surprised if it deteriorates and rusts.
The same applies to any item - the lifespan of the planters and furniture will be dramatically increased with regular cleaning.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel products  

The standard stainless steel planters are made of 304 or 430 grade stainless steel - but 316 marine grade stainless steel can be supplied on request which is recommended if the planters are to be used near the sea.

The 304 grade stainless steel is recommended for interior or exterior use (depending on the prevalence to rust in the environment).

The 430 grade stainless steel is specifically produced for interior use in areas where rust is not prevalent. It is important to keep the stainless steel clean and free from any corrosive residue to avoid rust problems.

More information about caring for your stainless steel products - http://www.askzn.co.za/tech/tech_cleaning.htm


Available in South Africa - Tiara Stainless Steel Cleaner - is ideal for the longevity of your stainless steel products and will remove surface marks safely -
contact Kolja at Stainless Steel Solutions cc
cell: 079 771 6876
fax: 086 546 2495
email: sssolutions@live.co.za for more information.

Water features

Once installed, the stainless steel water features will need to be wiped clean regularly (a non abrasive glass | window cleaning product will work, rinsed with water), and the water level must be maintained to prevent damage to the pump.
The water should be treated to prevent the growth of algae and accumulation of mineral deposits. 

PDF version of this information for printing
Copper products  

The copper planters require a some effort to keep them highly polished. They can be used inside or outside, but if used outdoors both metals will need regular polishing to keep the original factory shine.

Perspex products  

The Perspex plant pots are made of fragile material and the stainless steel components are 430 grade stainless steel. This is strictly an interior product.

Perspex is prone to scratching if mishandled and it is important to keep the stainless steel clean and free from corrosive residue to avoid any rust problems.

Steel products  

The standard steel planters are made of 2mm thick mild steel. These can be powder coated or supplied in an actual rust finish. The powder coating will protect the steel from corrosion to an extent but this is not guaranteed as different environments will have varied effects on the material over the long term. We do not recommend the use of steel products close to the sea or in areas prevalent to rust.

The actual rust finish will continue to rust - the rust will be accelerated the closer they are to the coast or a high rust area.

Fibreglass products  

Fibreglass planters are versatile and can be used for interior or exterior applications. The product is very light in weight so it is advised that it is weighed down if used outside so that it does not fall over and get damaged should it be placed in a windy area.


Planting boxes are welded into the top opening of each planter - except for the fibreglass or copper planters which have drop in / removable planting boxes.

It is recommended that the inside of the planting box is lined with a plastic liner to protect the metal from any fertilisers or chemicals that may be inherent in the planting mix used. Plants with a small root base that needs a minimum supply of water should be used (cacti are ideal).

Obbligato will not be held responsible for material damage caused by corrosion stemming from soil and chemical residue from the planting area.

Why using plants indoors can save you money and improve your health - read more...

 Transport & Delivery

Our products are delivered only, delivery price does not include unpacking, placement or installation (unless otherwise instructed and quoted for).

The products are delivered by courier and although we take the greatest care to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in good order, there may be the odd occasion that a parcel is damaged in transit. Please ensure that when the parcel/s is delivered that the packaging is checked and if it looks like any parcel has been mishandled, please unwrap and check the goods for damage before signing the proof of delivery. If the product is damaged make a note of the details on the delivery note and call us immediately so that we can rectify the situation ASAP.

If the damage is not reported when the delivery takes place the courier company is within their rights to deny any responsibility and not accept any claim on the insurance for the damage.

 Please Note:

Some of our products and finishes are recommended specifically for interior use only, in particular any item that is made of, or has components of, 430 grade stainless steel - this includes the perspex plant pots and the 430 grade stainless steel planters if this material option is ordered.

It is important to regularly clean stainless steel to keep the surface free from any corrosive residue to avoid rust problems - in an indoor or outdoor environment. It is salt and acids in the air that will cause rust on metals - not water

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