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All obbligato products are made to order with a manufacturing time of 4 to 8 weeks depending on work load and material availability.
The following information is supplied to assist you with making an informed decision about which items will suit your needs.


Something to think about - if your vehicle is left outdoors and never washed, letting corrosive elements settle on the surface for an indefinite period of time, you will not be surprised if it deteriorates and rusts.
The same applies to any item - the lifespan of the planters and furniture will be dramatically increased with regular cleaning.


Extreme environments may affect the longevity of the mosaic planters - always check with us if you have any concerns about the application of the products - the wrong decision can be costly.

Products will not be replaced if the materials are not suited to the environment in which the product is placed. We recommend the use of low maintenance plants and, if planting directly into the planter, use a plastic liner. Chemicals inherent in soil, fertilizers & planting matter may reduce the life span of the product - and water spillage containing the chemicals from the planting material may damage the surface the product is placed on. If placing your product on a surface that may be damaged by the planter (by scratching or an adverse reaction to the material used in the product) or water spillage - the onus is on you to place a tray or protective mat between the product and the surface it is placed on to prevent any damage. As we have no control over where or how the products are used we take no responsibility for any damage caused to any surface it may be placed on.


It is recommended that the inside of the planting box is lined with a plastic liner to protect the metal from any fertilisers or chemicals that may be inherent in the planting mix used. Plants with a small root base that needs a minimum supply of water should be used (cacti are ideal).

Why using plants indoors can save you money and improve your health - read more...

 Transport & Delivery

Our products are delivered only, delivery price does not include unpacking, placement or installation (unless otherwise instructed and quoted for).

The products are delivered by courier and although we take the greatest care to ensure that your goods arrive at their destination in good order, there may be the odd occasion that a parcel is damaged in transit. Please ensure that when the parcel/s is delivered that the packaging is checked and if it looks like any parcel has been mishandled, please unwrap and check the goods for damage before signing the proof of delivery. If the product is damaged make a note of the details on the delivery note and call us immediately so that we can rectify the situation ASAP.

If the damage is not reported when the delivery takes place the courier company is within their rights to deny any responsibility and not accept any claim on the insurance for the damage.

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