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Contemporary planters, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle.

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  Custom murals

Geometric patterned mosaic planters - read more

  Mosaic planters
Why using plants indoors can save you money and improve your health - read more...

We are making changes....


We have decided that, after 21 years of manufacturing, we are changing direction. Over the years our catalogue has grown and adapted to our consumer's needs. But what sets us apart from the competition are our bespoke items, including the mosaic planters and murals amongst other creative projects.


Considered, handmade and unique items have come to mean so much more in our new world - the habit of decorating your space with objects for the sake of it is no longer meaningful. If we are going to spend more time in our homes or favourite places then they need to have meaning. They need to be interesting. They need to hold one's attention and be unique.

That's the space we want to to work in. So, should you have any projects that you wish to discuss we will always be at the other end of the same numbers and will gladly consult or be available for a chat.



Our current catalogue of products (excluding mosaics) will no longer be available.  

Mosaic planter




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