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Planting seeds is not just about growing beautiful flowers or delicious fruits, it's about nurturing hope, fostering growth, and sowing the seeds for a sustainable tomorrow. Let's create a greener world together!

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Reusable grow bags, made out of recycled/upcycled shade cloth and weedguard fabric, are made in 4 sizes. These are durable, restricts weed growth, tear and rot resistant and permeable to air and water, with handles for easy lifting.

This grow bag initiative has been developed as a sustainable project on a number of levels by:
1. involving the local community and contributing to their economic empowerment/upliftment;
2. upcycling / recycling - repurposing offcuts and used shade cloth that would otherwise be discarded or sent to landfill;
3. making a product that can be used by the planting/landscaping industry promoting environmental conservation.

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