Obbligato planters and furniture for a modern lifestyle.  

Contemporary planters for a modern lifestyle.

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Obbligato is committed to using sustainable, environmentally friendly and carbon neutral materials where possible when manufacturing products.

Waste material from manufacturing and off cuts are recycled.  

We are piloting a grow bag manufacturing project which supports marginalised individuals and small businesses, as an extension of our core business of mosaic planters. We are focussed on ensuring that this initiative is sustainable on a number of levels by:

1. involving the local community and contributing to their economic empowerment/upliftment;

2. upcycling / recycling - repurposing offcuts or used material that would otherwise be discarded or sent to landfill;

3. making a product that can be used by the growing/landscaping industry to regreen the environment.

Why using plants indoors can save you money and improve your health - read more...


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