Obbligato planters and furniture for a modern lifestyle.

Contemporary planters, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle.

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OBBLIGATO DECOR cc ck 1996/022958/23

Postal address: PO Box 420, Sedgefield 6573 South Africa

Tel: +27 83 271 6376

E-mail: info@obbligato.co.za

If there is no response from the cell number, please send an email to info@obbligato.co.za and all queries will be answered.


All mosaic products are made to order with a manufacturing lead time of about 8 weeks for standard products - mosaic and custom items may take longer depending on complexity and work load at the time of order.

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Send an email to info@obbligato.co.za and we will assist with prices and how to order.

As each product is made to order we prefer to discuss all options available to ensure that you get the right material and product for the environment you wish to place the items - rather than rely on technology to take the personal touch out of the transaction.

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Mosaic planters

Obbligato Decor cc   PO Box 420 Sedgefield  6573  South Africa  Tel: +27 83 271 6376     info@obbligato.co.za

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