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OBBLIGATO Couch table

The Couch Table is born out of the necessity to be able to work at home, in various rooms, and still be as comfortable as possible. Working on your lap cannot be sustained for long periods of time even when sitting in your most comfortable chair. It's moves easily from one room to another or one seat to another and can be made at a height that suits your furniture. Great for lounging on the couch watching TV or sitting in your favourite chair.

The legs slide under your seat allowing the top to cantilever over your lap, providing a stable surface for your laptop (board games, refreshments, snacks etc) and can easily be pushed to one side when you need to get up.

Manufactured from stainless steel which can be powder coated to any colour.

When not being used for your laptop it is ideal for TV dinners, as a side table along side a couch, armchair or bed, or as a board game table. It is also ideal for adding social distance on a couch when placed between people while being used for drinks & snacks.

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