Obbligato planters and furniture for a modern lifestyle.

Contemporary planters, furniture and accessories for a modern lifestyle.


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All products designed and manufactured in South Africa
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Mosaic planter
Mosaic mural

*obbligato / obli'gahtoh/ adj said of a musical part or accompaniment: not to be omitted. [Italian obbligato obligatory, past part. of obbligare to oblige, from Latin obligare]

*Definition from The New Penguin English Dictionary


ob-bli-ga-to (ob-li-ga-to) adjective - not to be left out; obligatory (used of a musical part or accompaniment that is considered prominent but usually ornamental).

**Definition from www.wordsmyth.net

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Obbligato manufactures an exclusive range of contemporary murals and bespoke accessories for a modern lifestyle.

All products are made to order and will enhance any home, corporate or commercial environment, eclectic or formal.

In addition to the standard decor product range in our catalogue - bespoke items can be manufactured to suit a variety of projects and applications in your home, garden or office.

Featured Products

Murals and wall art

Mosaic wall murals - unique bespoke murals made to any size or design - read more...

fish mosaic
Mosaic wall mural

The 10 Commandments of Good Products - although not specifically about furniture or decorative products, it highlights the essence of what good products should be

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